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who we are

in the heart of chicago

They say the heart of Rock and Rolling Transportation is in Chicago, and oddly enough, so are we. Coincidence? Our founders, “Brothers from the same mother” Mike & Mark, didn’t think so when they first launched BMM in 2008.

the area

Where we
call our home

Growing up in Chicago, we’ve never thought of the best city in the world as anything other than home. So putting down roots was basically a no brainer. With close proximity to, let’s be honest, practically every brand of retail, dining, and entertainment, Chicago has just always been the place to be, especially if you’re in the business of transportation.


Best Service
in the business

The answer is “YES” to any reasonable request. We stand out when it comes to being in the business of logistics. Our whole approach is focused around customer service. Where the customer always comes first. We stand behind that 100% every single day. Driving to the best is not only our slogan; it’s what we live by.

our management team

Having a team of “Best Made Managers” is key to the success of any company, but becomes paramount to the triumph of any organization in the world of transportation. Within our fast paced environment, having the top dogs to manage our teams is a direct benefit to you!


Kevin Byford

Talent Acquisition Manager
As a White Sox Fan living in Wrigleyville, Kevin typically stands out from the crowd. You can find Kevin on campuses not only speaking about our various positions but also his newly found passion for the freight industry!

Scott Katzman

Manager of Customer Sales
Scott is a huge Chicago sports fan and a Star Wars nerd at heart. He enjoys the challenge of growing a business and is a morning person against his will, but nothing a strong coffee can't fix . He’d like to travel to space one day, but will settle for helping you get your stuff where it needs to go on this planet.

Logan Smith

Senior Account Executive
A self-proclaimed sports fanatic, Logan is a Michiganite and believes that football teams have “M’s” and not “C’s”. We’ve been trying to straighten him out for years but we can’t really blame him either. Preparing for any unseen occurrences is something he’s focused on since being born ambidextrous. Logan can handle logistics with either hand tied behind his back while eating his favorite sandwich for lunch.

Eric Smith

Senior Account Executive
Ever seeking to improve people’s lives, Eric ran for Mayor of Hobart, IN when he was only 18. Not quite panning out, Eric attended Loyola where he became an active member of student government, before relocating to Kingston University in London for a year to study International Relations. Now handling accounts with an ambassadorial level of skill, Eric is a huge asset to making sure everyone is on the same page.

Andrew Collins

Manager of Carrier Sales
Known to his co-workers as "Country", Andrew enjoys the outdoors, including the occasional paintball match. Having visited 48 out of the 50 states, he is a geography wiz, which comes in handy when he is covering freight all across the U.S.

Andrew Bruce

Manager of Carrier Sales
True suburbanite, sports fanatic, and caffeine addict. Bruce is always in need of a Dunkin Donuts ice coffee, no matter the temperature in Chicago. Whether it's FTL, LTL, or intermodal, his passion is working to move tons of freight across the country.

Brian Driscoll

Manager of Customer Sales
Born and raised in Palatine, IL. We hold regular competitions to determine who in the office the biggest Chicago sports fan is. Brian seems to win a lot of the time. When he isn’t masterfully managing freight logistics, Brian’s mission is to improve his golf game, and work on his strategy to incorporate Mexican food into every day of the year.

Brian Riewer

Chief Financial Officer
When he's not tearing it up on the soccer field, Brian is heading our accounting department. Looking for a good place to eat or the best way to spend a weekend in the city? Born and Raised in Chicago, Brian can point you in the right direction.

Auggie Kroshnar

Manager of Customer Sales
Making freight booking into an art form, it's no surprise Auggie also likes to spend his free time painting. If he's not finding freight he's using his height to be the all star of our volleyball league.